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Hey Pavement Fans!

Prepare to be Wowee Zoweeied all over again with the reissue of Pavement's third album with bonus disc on November 7! If you preorder the album at our store you also get a bunch of extras including:

* access to the entire, planned but never released Pavement "Promo-only" live LP as an MP3 Download

*A vinyl 7" only available to the folks who pre-order

*an amazing Mad Magazine styled, Steve Keene designed Pavement poster created specifically for this promotion

*some other odds and ends still to be determined that should include things like access to digital artwork files of the many, many Steve Keene alternate covers (way too many to fit into the booklet even) and a chance to win some of the orginal artwork

holy cow! thanks Matador!

posted by Sam at 10/14/2006 04:00:00 PM