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Laurie's gets rave reviews in the Chicago Tribune!

From today's issue, "Local Record Stores a Sea of Buried Treasue" in the "On the Town" section!

Since expanding a few years ago, Laurie's has increased its lot of cult DVDs, adding to the charm of an unpretentious Lincoln Square spot that's that's perhaps the only decent record shop both north of Belmont and east of Kedzie. Indie-rock and meat-and-potatoes rock afficianados will be delighted, but Laurie's also carries well-chosen batches of country. garage-rock, local music, and hip-hop. . .Those hoping to score titles that might've been purged from grandma's attic will like the used [LP] section."

Thanks, Bob Gendron!

posted by the tainted love at 11/24/2006 05:06:00 PM