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Laurie's is NEW & IMPROVED! 2000+ new records!

Dear Faithful Customers:

As of this morning, Laurie's POS has a greatly expanded VINYL section. Thanks to our brand new vinyl racks, we've got a spacey new layout and space for all of the 2000+ (used and new) records that have been laying around in storage.

The beautiful new vinyl racks were designed and built by Chicago's own jack-of-all-trades Conrad Freiburg (artist and craftsman extraordinaire).

Also, we just assembled our annual killer Christmas section, with Christmas-related CDs/LPs/DVDs/VHS/Laserdiscs/Etc.

Come by and check us out. It smells like Home Depot (ie: woodsy) in here!

posted by the tainted love at 11/21/2006 11:58:00 AM