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DVD funtime!

Too many DVDís, not enough eyes to watch Ďem all. Cartoons donít come much funnier than that darn Aqua Teen Hunger Force. A two disc collection has just come out, and the world is a better place. Made by the same folks that bring us Space Ghost every week, if you arenít familiar with either show, you must find someone with them on tape. I believe that once you witness the brilliance that is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force you will be compelled to own these discs. The bonus portion consists of a couple of Easter Egg Out-takes (light up Shakes straw, and Frylocks eyes to access) and 3 episodes with commentaries , though one of them consists of just some skronky guitar, so that doesnít really qualify as a commentary, more like another way to dial up the surreal-meter a notch.

DVDís are proving themselves to be as much the peoples media as video tape was. Nothing goes further to make this point than the latest offering from that titan of independent films Rusty Nails. The Movieside Film Festival DVD consists of 20 short films, all but one less than 10 minutes long. To single out any one film as being better than the one before or after misses the point. No two are alike, and yet this is a mostly cohesive effort, in that each film compels you to watch the one that follows. Itís a triumph of creativity and expression, in an art-form that is as overlooked and under appreciated as it is prevalent and widespread.

A film enthusiast of a different sort is Wade Williams. For years heís been collecting and restoring many a forgotten or nearly-forgotten film. Working with B-movies and public domain titles, many of these are being released on DVD at budget prices. The most recent being a twofer of 1954ís Devil Girl from Mars, and 1953ís Cat-Women of the Moon. One a British ďdrawing roomĒ talker, concerning the need of Mars to replenish its male population. The other, a US production that finds the Cat-Women doing just fine without men, though of course, a few do feel the need to co-mingle, otherwise there wouldnít really be a story to tell. Since there is a great review (all you need to possibly read about it, really) of Cat-Women here. Iím going to just give you my two cents on Devil Girl. I gotta figure my mother must have watched this thing while I was in the womb. The image of this particular Devil Girl has been bouncing around my brain since as long as I can remember. If a magazine featured a still of the Devil Girl it was sure to become a well...í cornerstone of my collection. Draped in black latex and leather, the Devil Girl needs men. Why they arenít lining up is beyond me, but since this is a British production from the early 50ís, the sexual overtones are kept in check. Mostly this movie is concerned with talking and drinking, usually at the same time. Sure the Devil Girl has a killer robot sidekick to break up the monotony, but just like Cat-Women (see review linked above) hereís another movie tailor made to play a drink game with. Just be prepared to have a designated driver. Working with a pair of the best prints available, Mr. Williams has restored these glorious pieces of Black and White trash to a condition not seen since they were originally circulated in theaters. And both can be had for less than ten bucks!

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