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John's Adventures in Music!

Vegas Rocks?!

A trip to Vegas isn't complete without a "trip" to Freemont Street. This 2 Block long canopy lightshow is something to see. Either on acid or not.

The show we saw was a "trip" through classic rock.

The huge Zeppelins flyin' overhead while "Rock and Roll" screamed from the speakers was quite trancendent.
Wayne Newton should just retire. His voice is shot, and even the Wayne Newton impersonator in his act sucked.

At least he makes sure to meet and greet every person in his audience. If only a refund or apology came with the handshake.
Tommy Smothers brought the rock to Vegas. He got that acoustic guitar to sound like Hendrix. Pretty cool. The Smothers Brothers leftist comedy is still intact, and quite the cure for the jingoistic rah rah of Wayne Newton. Wayne has gone to Iraq four times to "Entertain". FOUR TIMES!!!
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