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Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
Sure, some of the jokes won't mean as much to future generations (Gene Siskel kissing Princess Di under the mistletoe in Hell) but to me it's timeless.

June Christy This Time of Year
Though it's not yet available on CD, a few of these songs have found their way to CD via compilations. Pick up any of the Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails Cds and yule be doin' fine. Beware, Volume 3 is only available with Volumes 1 and 2! Evil corporate greed rears its ugly head once again in the name of Jesus Christ.

Andy Williams Merry Christmas
Seriously, this is the Andy Williams CD to buy. And it's been remastered for 2004! Contains the definitve "Do You Hear What I Hear?" in all its surreal glory ("Said the night wind to the little lamb...") Uh huh.